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Coronavirus and School Closings - Staff Requirements

  • 1.  Coronavirus and School Closings - Staff Requirements

    Posted 03-12-2020 13:38
    Hi Everyone,
    I hope everyone is faring well with the Coronavirus!  Though in our area there really hasn't been any virus scares (South Jersey), schools are beginning to close for proactive cleaning and planning.

    Has your company made provisions for school closings in your area for those who really cannot work from home?

    So far we have decided the following since everyone only has school age children (no infants/toddlers):
    1.  If schools close for proactive reasons, and there is no known virus exposure, office employees may bring their kids in for up to two days.  Beyond two days they will need to stay home and take a vacation or sick day.
    2.  If schools close for exposure, the employee needs to follow the school advisement.  Kids cannot come to work, parents need to take vacation or personal days.  If possible they can apply for NJ State Paid Family Leave and we will follow the state guidelines.
    3.  When schools go back we will evaluate how many vacation / sick days employees had to use, we will know if we received any payroll tax relief from the government. We will then do a cost analysis and see if we can give back any vacation / sick time.

    Of course this plan is if some people can still come to work.  We do have employees in different school districts and those with no kids or grown kids.

    Has anyone made provisions for school closings?  Or if you have to shut down your business / portions of your business?

    Thank you,

    Kimberly Hullfish MBA, CCIFP
    C. Abbonizio Contractors Inc.
    Deptford NJ