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  • 1.  Master subcontractor agreement

    Posted 12-19-2017 17:12
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    ​Good afternoon:
    A customer (a CM, e.g.) has sent us a Master subcontractor agreement, asking for us to confirm, sign and return to them, thusly:

    Attached is a Subcontractor Insurance Agreement form for any jobs that (Subcontractor) is involved in with us. If you could please sign, date, and return this document to us that would be great.

    I am not fond of an agreement of this type: subjects such as MSDS, transportation floaters HAZMAT, etc. are not mentioned, and there is no provision for an insurance spec from the owner that might be north of what we have, and, conversely, the GC's own spec may require us to buy more than what the job needs. The agreement is also silent with regard to payment terms and amounts. Dispute resolution is generic and non-specific. The agreement appears to be part insurance spec, part contract. Also missing is any reference to the contract between the owner and the GC/CM.

    Should a subcontractor should sign a Master subcontract agreement?
    Is this a common trend for any of you in the trades, (roofing, HVAC, life safety, demo, concrete, paint, etc.?
    CMs and/or GCs, weigh in on this?

    Dan DiNardo

    Daniel DiNardo
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  • 2.  RE: Master subcontractor agreement

    Posted 01-02-2018 10:27

    Dan, we have Master Contracts in place with 5 GCs and find them to be an efficient way to handle the process. It becomes all the more critical to negotiate items you can't live with, and taking into account the largest job that these terms might apply to. You'll have to look to the individual project specific amendments/work orders to address any specific items like the ones you mentioned. Happy New Year! John


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