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  • 1.  Work in Process Schedule

    Posted 01-21-2015 16:09
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    Is anyone aware of a software product that is compatible with Timberline/Sage that will download info and prepare a WIP schedule and then roll it over that data each month?

    Vikki Grinnan
    Chief Financial Officer
    HSC Builders & Construction Managers
    Exton PA
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  • 2.  RE: Work in Process Schedule

    Posted 01-22-2015 09:15
    I don't Vikki, but Henry Lubas at Accordant can probably help you out. He is a CFMA member; ph: 732-904-0821. If he doesn't have a solution, I would reach out to Paul Kreiger ph: 800-576-4244; Paul is an expert at mining databases, particularly Timberline

    John Bieber CCIFP, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
    National Glass & Metal Co., Inc.
    Horsham PA
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  • 3.  RE: Work in Process Schedule

    Posted 01-23-2015 16:57
    Hi, Vikki:
    If you are conversant with Report Designer, you can build it and export it (except that you have to export .csv and convert.
    And...it is TEDIOUS, but you can continue to enhance it until it does what you want. Your consultant might be able to do it faster.

    Also, do you know that all your inquiries go DIRECTLY to Excel? This saves an enormous amount of time. You have to manipulate in Excel, but you have to do that anyhow, and it's a whole lot easier than the .csv route. It's a binary Excel file; only a minor annoyance.

    An investment in 1 use of Inquiry designer and some training in same is worth it!

    Since you still need someone from ops to give you good (sic) estimates, the inquiry you design can be dumped right into Excel from the inquiry screen and your PMs and Estr's can send it back to you with the data in the format you need for your WIP, in whichever format you start your compiling.

    Have at it!

    Daniel DiNardo CCIFP
    Daniel J DiNardo CPA
    Penn Valley PA
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