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Hello to my fellow Philadelphia Chapter members,

In 1983, I was a senior in high school. Ronald Regan was President and Dallas was the top rated show on network TV. The Sixers won the NBA Championship however the Phillies came up short in the World Series to the Orioles, the Flyers were swept in the first round of the NHL playoffs, and the Eagles had yet another disappointing season. In 1983 there was no internet, no cell phones and therefore no social media. Back then, if you wanted to keep up with your friends and family you actually called them on the phone and talked to them. Things have changed dramatically in our lives since that time. We all know that the Eagles finally won the Super Bowl back in February and the other Philadelphia teams are on the upswing now, too. Today, we can’t really live or work without internet access, everyone including children have smartphones or an iPad, and some people can’t go fifteen minutes without posting to Facebook or Instagram. The skyline of Philadelphia was completely different in 1983 as well. Back then, no building was taller than William Penn’s hat which sits atop of City Hall. Today, there are numerous skyscrapers already built and more on the way.

In 1983, a group of professionals here in Philadelphia formed the first chapter of a new organization called the Construction Financial Management Association. CFMA was dedicated to bringing people together who had a something in common. They were financial professionals who were either working directly for construction companies as controllers or CFO’s or the advisors who had clients in the construction industry including accountants, bankers, surety agents and lawyers. For the last 35 years, the Philadelphia Chapter of CFMA has remained strong and relevant to the construction industry in the Philadelphia region.

Every construction project needs a sound foundation and I am proud to say CFMA’s foundation is built on education and networking. For the last 35 years we have strived to provide our chapter members with the best educational sessions to assist them with their personal career growth. We have also brought our members together to network and make lasting friendships and business relationships. Our chapter is also a proud sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House as well as Laurel House. Over the last several years, we have also awarded significant scholarships to college students in the Philadelphia area.

To me all of this comes down to one word: opportunity. For 35 years, the CFMA Philadelphia chapter has given all its members a tremendous opportunity to improve their knowledge base, to meet people and make friends, to help people who are truly in need and to support the next generation of construction leaders. My sincere hope is all of you take full advantage of these opportunities. I did and I have benefited from it both personally and professionally. Come to a meeting. Get involved. Introduce someone you may know who is not yet a member of the Philly chapter to CFMA so they can see what opportunities are available to them.

On November 30, 2018, we are going to hold an event at the Museum of the American Revolution to celebrate our chapter’s 35th Anniversary so please look for more details as they are finalized.

Finally, I would like to say a very big thank you to my predecessor, Joe Buckley of Allen Myers, who was chapter President from April 2016 through March of 2018. Joe did a great job as our chapter President and I’m proud to call him a friend. I look forward to working with our extremely talented Board of Directors who will continue to bring to you, the chapter members, the opportunities I mentioned before.

Thank you.

Jim McGettigan

President, CFMA Philadelphia

Outgoing President's Message

To my fellow members of CFMA Philadelphia:

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my incoming President’s message, it was a quick 2-years. It was my honor to serve as your president. I would like to thank all the committee chairs and committee members for their hard work and dedication over the past two years. I would also like to thank the board of directors, both past and present for their commitment to CFMA and to the chapter’s growth. Especially the executive committee in my last year, Vice President Jim McGettigan, Treasurer Joe Gravenstine, Secretary Matt McCloskey and Immediate Past President John Bieber.

As president I focused on education and networking. We strive to provide programming on the relevant topics that effect our industry. I feel that through my presidency we have continued provide the very best programing with great topics each month ranging from human resource to information technologies to finance and accounting. I believe we have a great team of leaders on the board and will continue to improve our chapter and move us into the future. I look forward to our incoming president Jim McGettigan’s vision for the next two years. Jim has been an invaluable asset to CFMA and our chapter over the years and his leadership will help CFMA Philadelphia to continue improve and grow.

I truly believe that the more you put into CFMA the more you will get out of, CFMA can be as great as you make it! I encourage you all to get more involved in the chapter by attending a meeting, joining a committee or reaching out to a board member and asking them more about CFMA.

I hope to see you at an upcoming CFMA events


Joe Buckley

Immediate Past President, CFMA Philadelphia